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You’ll burn fat rapidly, shape your body at the same time, your strength, cardio and endurance will improve so quickly, you’ll be a noticeably new person after only a few workouts. 

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Personal Training in group classes, Zoom classes and Recorded Workouts with all the modifications you'll need. 

Online or in studio, we've got you covered. Our in studio program has always been done with tubing, dumbbells and body weight.  So, unlike other gyms who rapidly had to make changes for Covid home workouts.  We had to make no changes to our every day program and what we've always done. 

With over 2 decades of experience, Ryan’s workouts are like no other. The workouts are so good he hasn’t changed the program structure in 13 years.  You’ll burn fat rapidly, shape your body at the same time, your strength, cardio and endurance will improve so quickly, you’ll be a noticeably new person after only a few workouts.  Get ready to have fun too!  You’ll be amazed and how fast your hour long workout goes.

The results behind the program structure defy normal science.  You’ll burn fat doing cardio through resistance training, not a treadmill or a bike.  Your workouts will force your body to burn more calories than you would during a typical workout or normal activity. Normally, you will elevate your metabolism for approximately 4 to 8 hours afterwards.  At Rhino, you’ll boost your metabolism for up to 72 hours after your workout.

Modifications are easy.  We have people of all ages, shapes and sizes.  We've even trained people with prosthetic limbs, women who work through their entire pregnancy and any injury you can imagine.  After 21 years in business, we've seen it all! 

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You’ll quickly notice how family oriented we are and that you are not alone!

Our trainers are all certified and additionally, must pass our in house certification so that they not only know our program and exercises inside and out but, must be able to modify exercises and workouts on the fly.  They are also trained heavily to provide true personal training within our group class structure. 

We keep our class sizes small (usually 15 or less) so that we can provide excellent personal training while you get support from other people just like you! If you are a little shy or feel a little intimidated when you think about working out, we strongly encourage you to join us in our classes. The support you receive is unbelievable.

The last 6 Week’s at Rhino ? was truly incredible!!! Meeting Kevin at my initial consultation motivated me enough to sign up for this 6 week challenge. Not only did it teach me drive, mind over matter, a lot of determination and self control I was able to lose 25.6 Lbs and 5.2 % body fat!!

Ashley Jackson

5 Star Google Review

I just did my final weigh in after my six week challenge. The results were fantastic. I am looking and feeling great. I would definitely recommend Rhino fitness to anyone that is looking for results. The trainers push their clients to do better, and we do just to please our trainers. It is a win win when it comes to using Rhino fitness in both training and for getting your nutrition right.

Rob Hay

5 Star Google Review

Worked out at Rhino years ago and recently came back for their challenge. It was exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of things and motivate me to continue with it and incorporate better eating habits with the nutrition plan provided. If you are looking for a great workout with trainers that care and push you to work hard and achieve results, then you should definitely give Rhino a try. Ryan, Kathryn and the other trainers are all great.

Ameara Manah

5 Star Google Review


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