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Easy access to our classes with our app and online booking abilities. With 47 weekly available classes you are certain to find something that fits your schedule! 

1. Set Up Account

  1. Contact us first to have your account set up.
  2. Login, using the email you provided us and the password we provided you to access your account.
  3. Complete Liability Waiver. Read and check “I Agree” and click “Continue”.
  4. Edit your Profile. The “Personal” tab is where you verify your information.  DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THE BOX TO RECEIVE TEXTS FROM US. This is how we reach you with very important updates.
  5. Click Save
  6. Now you may use the system on your computer to book your classes!

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  1. Open App
  2. Click Continue with Email
  3. Enter the email you provided us
  4. Click Next
  5. Enter the password we provided you
  6. Create your App Account: Enter your first name, last name and select your country
  7. Link Your Passes to your App Account (your challenge classes or new membership). Click “Confirm Now”
  8. Go to your email and verify your email by clicking the link
  9. Click Done
  10. Reopen the Mindbody App and you’ll notice on the home screen, Rhino Nutrition & Fitness has a Red Heart and is now a favorite.
  11. Click Rhino Nutrition & Fitness.


LOVE.THIS.PLACE!! Such an awesome workout and wonderful atmosphere! All the trainers are super helpful and motivating! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to try out a wicked gym!


5 Star Google Review

As a chiropractor, I appreciate the focus on proper posture and functional movements throughout the exercises. They are well designed and structured to maximize proper body movement. The trainers are incredibly knowledgeable, allowing them to cater workouts to an individual's strength level and any injuries that may affect their workout. The gym promotes an overall healthy lifestyle and is a great place for everybody.


5 Star Google Review

Amazing! With two little kids it is such a high quality workout that I can bring my kids to, it doesn't get any better than that. Other mom and child workouts you leave feeling like you didn't get a workout but not with healthy rhino they got the kids covered so you can focus! It's fun and challenging all at the same time.


5 Star Google Review


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