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For 42 Days You Get:

Meal plans that say yes to going out with your friends, eating like a normal person, having a glass of wine, with no guilt, because it was designed that way!

Workouts to trim body fat, drop sizes, and turn eyes!

An accountability system that will feel like a best friend bugging you 24/7.

Rhino Will Be:

...waiting at the gym.

...standing next to your fridge to keep you honest.

…showing up at your house with a ghetto blaster, 1980’s style, playing love songs making sure you follow your custom plan and show up for your workouts!

Hey Edmonton

Results Take Work ?  Deep down we all know this. You have to put in work to get the body you want right? Here at Rhino our goal is to be the one program that has been missing in your life….The program that makes results STICK....

No more yoyo dieting, bingeing, starving or cutting everything out.

At Rhino, we do things in a really different way.  We are not like other places you've tried or heard about... This is why we created our own 42 Day Body Transformation Challenge 5 years ago and have been perfecting it ever since!

Results from our 42 Day Challenge

Sound awesome?

One issue though...Our gym is small & spots are limited.

After all, we can only be best friends for so many people.

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Hands down the best workout I've ever done!!! Love the atmosphere, you're not just another number here like some other gyms. They really get to know each individual and their goals. I've been coming here for years and I'll never go anywhere else!

Alana Hill

5 Star Google Review

This place is amazing. You will work hard, but, you will love it and see the results you have been longing for. Get in there, do a challenge and love your new healthy life (and body!)

Samantha Ellett

5 Star Google Review

At Rhino you can feel the energy the moment you walk in, when you join you’re part of the team not just a customer and everyone that goes to the classes are cool too ?. With nutrition advice as well as an accountability group if you’re serious about getting results put yourself at Rhino!


5 Star Google Review

For All Fitness Levels

We give you the kickstart you need to reaching all of your health and fitness goals. With our proven process, you’ll lose up to 25 lbs or 6% body fat in 6 weeks and you’ll love the new you so much, you’ll never want to go backwards with your weight-loss again!

No intimidation here! All are welcome no matter how fit or unfit you are. We all have to start somewhere and at Rhino you will find a family waiting to cheer you on. We have a work out for every fitness level!

We have Fun!
We are Family!
We Work Hard!


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